Rare Breeds Tour 2019

In 2019 we are running the Rare Breeds Tour for the fifth time, again as part of this years Stockfest Car Show. The formula we used in previous years, comprising a combination of a Tulip Road Book along with some of the route being ‘question’ driven (as well as a ‘stand by’ Tulip for those who prefer doing it all that way) continues to be popular and will be repeated this year over a totally different route. There will, as in previous years, be a stop around half way for coffee. In 2019 we are not going to reveal the location in advance! Although there will be a question sheet to complete en route this is not obligatory and there can be no element of competition under the MSA exemption certificate for the event.

The idea is to start early, have a run lasting between 3 and 4 hours over about 60 miles and get back in time for lunch and the afternoon’s entertainment which will go on until after 5pm.

As in previous years the cost will be £25 which will include a Rally Plaque, Route Directions and refreshments at Signing On.

This format of the day is designed very much with the co-driver / navigator in mind. It leaves time for many other activities from midday onwards. The Stockfest Car Show page gives full details.

To participate in the Tour please complete and submit the entry form, we will then contact you with further details and about how to make payment.


The Tour will start and finish from The Glebe, Church Road, Stockcross.

Signing On

Signing On will take place in the Village Hall adjacent to The Glebe. Entrants are asked to Sign On at least 45 minutes before their start time.

Rally Plaques

Rally Plaques and cable ties will be available at Signing On along with Route Instructions.


Tea, coffee and bacon rolls will be available in the Village Hall at Signing On and are included in the cost of the Tour for both driver and co-driver. There will be a coffee stop on the route which will have toilet facilities. 


There will be toilet facilities available in the Village Hall.

Timetable (Provisional)

The timetable for the event will be:-
9th August 2019: Entries close
13th August 2019: Final Instructions issued
18th August 2019:
08:00 Signing On and breakfast opens – Crews should arrive at least 45 minutes before their due start time.
09:00 First car leaves Start – others will follow at one minute intervals
12:00 Finish control opens
14:00 Finish control closes

All enquiries please use our Contact details.